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SOLUTION BASED TRAINING & CONSULTANCY (SBTC) has developed a range of consulting services ranging from an independent well control advisor to providing advice on managing change in the workplace for both employers’ and employee’s needs. SBTC offers solutions for the specific problems of its target groups by developing tailored solutions for several areas for entrepreneurship including social entrepreneurship. The main aspects of these consulting services encompass every part of the business spectrum including works in supporting and promoting the vocational education and lifelong learning; organizing international cooperation with similar organizations; developing and promoting solutions in public; stimulating the creative works through recognition and other forms of motivation and cultural heritage. SBTC provides direct consultancy work with clients, provide in house and public training courses and offer “change” consultancy with local authorities and organizations.

Besides, in its region as a consulting company SBTC promotes and protects the well-being and existence of our world heritage, culture and diversity. By providing sustainable and long term solutions for both intangible and tangible heritage projects, the shareholders and stakeholders of SBTC receive real results encompassing the authenticity and integrity of their heritage projects, too.

Based on the principles of business entrepreneurship and the social entrepreneurship; promotion of vocational education, as well as workplace influence on public policies; contribution to the development of business models, as well as the involvement of sector in the processes, especially in the decision-making process in the sector, SBTC takes part in activation of social entrepreneurship development which becomes increasingly more important. It is without doubt the most powerful driver for competitive advantage in today’s economy and has started to outshine innovation in a entrepreneurship skills.

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